17th and 18th June 2020 in Hamburg
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Looking back at Procurement Summit 2019

The second Procurement Summit on 17th + 18th of June 2019 in Hamburg was a complete success with 500 visitors. From the experienced purchasing manager to the young startup founder, there was a lively exchange and great learnings. Thank you for joining us this year. Here you will find the presentations and pictures of the day.

Presentations from Procurement Summit 2019

Tips & tricks from the procurement pros

Speaker: Andreas Briefi (PHOENIX group), Dr. Björn Schäfer (BRAND), Dr. Achim Köder (Airbus Group)

Negotiating with monopolists and other difficult negotiators

Speaker: Volkmar Neher (n2 neher negotiations)
PDF Download (Procurement Summit 2019 Verhandlung mit Monopolisten Volkmar Neher - 2.0 MB)

"The price is set!" - and now?

Speaker: Urs Altmannsberger (Altmannsberger Verhandlungsführung)

Transforming procurement into a basis for a successful company strategy for clinics

Speaker: Frank Schönrath (AMEOS)
PDF Download (Procurement Summit 2019 Transformation des Einkaufs Frank Schoenrath - 2.0 MB)

Why every procurement department should know the start-up market
Speaker: Dipl.-Ing. Stephan Chassaing de Bourdeille (oopus valley network)
PDF Download (Procurement Summit 2019 Warum jeder Einkauf den Startup Markt kennen muss Stephan Chassaing de Bourdeille - 14.2 MB)

Procurement Summit Startup Awards powered by "Wer liefert Was"
Speaker: Samir Kharkan (SCALUE), Merlin Thabe (eldurado), Andreas Zimmermann (Mysupply), Christoph Kaiser (scoutbee), Marc Koch (Linkando), Boris Meyerdierks (simpressive), Christian Werling (ThoughtSpot), Gregory N. Vider (APADUA), David Alain Bloch (Legartis)
PDF Download (Procurement Summit 2019 Pitch Linkando Marc Koch - 4.6 MB)
PDF Download (Procurement Summit 2019 Pitch ThoughtSpot Christian Werling - 2.3 MB)
PDF Download (Procurement Summit 2019 Pitch SCALUE Samir Kharkan - 6.2 MB)
PDF Download (Procurement Summit 2019 Pitch Legartis David Alain Bloch - 0.9 MB)
PDF Download (Procurement Summit 2019 Pitch eldurado Merlin Thabe - 1.8 MB)

How is the maximum result systematically achieved in the most important procurement negotiations? An introduction to game theory
Speaker: René Schumann (Kerkhoff Negotiations)
PDF Download (Procurement Summit 2019 Wie wird in den wichitgsten Einkaufsverhandlungen das maximale Ergebnis erzielt Rene Schumann - 1.0 MB)

How to manage your supplier certificates?
Speaker: Markus Vodesek (DCCS)
PDF Download (Procurement Summit 2019 Wie managen Sie ihre Lieferanten Zertifikate Markus Vodesek - 1.0 MB)

Agility in procurement
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Elmar Holschbach (Fachhochschule Südwestfalen)
PDF Download (Procurement Summit 2019 Agilität im Einkauf Elmar Holschbach - 0.8 MB)

The Impact of AI on procurement- Analytics: Will the procurement reporting and analytics be 100% automated in the future?
Speaker: Christian Werling (ThoughtSpot)
PDF Download (Procurement Summit 2019 Künstliche Intelligence im Einkaufsreporting Christian Werling - 10.5 MB)

Photos from Procurement Summit 2019