12th & 13th June 2024 in Hamburg


Is access to all stages included in my ticket?

Depending on the type of ticket, access to the various stages varies. With the "Expo Ticket," you only have access to the masterclass stages. However, if you have the "Expo & Conference Ticket" or the "VIP Ticket," all stages will be open to you during the event.

Both the exhibition and conference ticket and the VIP ticket include access to all stages.

Does my ticket include food and drinks?

Yes, your ticket includes all catering at the event. We offer a variety of food and beverages, including options for vegetarian and vegan diets.

Can I split a ticket between two people?

No, a ticket is valid for one person on both days and cannot be split.

Do I have to print out my ticket or is the digital ticket sufficient for on-site registration?

No need to print your ticket, just have your digital ticket ready in the Procurement Summit app for onsite registration.

Location & Travel

Is there parking near the event?

There are no parking spaces directly at the location as the event area occupies the parking lot. Therefore, we recommend using our shuttle service or arriving by taxi.

The schedule for the shuttle bus will be sent to all visitors approximately six weeks in advance via email.

In Hamburg, there are numerous taxi services. Below are three taxi numbers listed:

Taxi Hamburg: (040) 66 66 66
Das Taxi: (040) 22 11 22
Autoruf: (040) 44 10 11

Is there a checkroom and can I leave my luggage there?

Yes, there is a free cloakroom available where you can securely store your luggage. You can drop off your luggage there and have it stored free of charge during the event. This way, you can move around freely and participate in the program without worry.

Where can I find the hotel recommendations?

The hotel recommendations can be found in the "Venue" section of the menu.

Is there wifi on site?

Yes, there is free wifi on site for all participants.

What number can I call for a cab?

"In Hamburg, there are numerous taxi services. Below, we have listed three taxi numbers:

Taxi Hamburg: (040) 66 66 66
Das Taxi: (040) 22 11 22
Autoruf: (040) 44 10 11"


Is there an event app?

Yes, there is the Procurement Summit App that is available to all attendees.

To log in, you will need the ticket ID located on your Procurement Summit ticket.

Do I have to register for the masterclasses?

No, you do not have to register for the Masterclasses.

Are the lectures in German or English?

The program of the Procurement Summit is mainly in German.

Live Stream, Recordings, Photos

Is there a live stream?

No. The Procurement Summit is an attendance-only event.

Will the event presentations be recorded and how can I access them?

Yes, the majority of the presentations will be recorded and published on our YouTube channel afterwards.

Where can I find the photos of the photo wall?

You can find the photos of the photo wall in the download section of the Procurement Summit website.

Where can I find the event photos?

You can find a selection of event photos in our press section. If you need a specific photo, please email us at: info@procurementsummit.de.

Will the presentations of the lectures be uploaded?

Yes, the majority of the presentations and talks will be uploaded to our website afterwards and will be available for download.


How can I contact other participants before and at the Procurement Summit?

You can chat with everyone at the event via the Procurement Summit app.

How can I network with participants?

With the Procurement Summit App, you can scan the QR code on the participants' tickets and connect directly with them through our Procurement Summit App.

How can I make appointments at the Procurement Summit?

Through the Procurement Summit app, you can directly contact all participants and schedule appointments.

Where is the best place to set up my meetings at the Procurement Summit?

If you have booked an 'Expo Ticket' or an 'Expo & Conference Ticket,' the best place to meet is our Meeting Area. Here, you can reserve a table for your appointment using the Procurement Summit app

If you have booked a VIP Ticket, the ideal meeting point for you is the VIP Area. With your VIP Ticket, you'll have access to the VIP Area, and you can temporarily bring along one person without a VIP Ticket to hold your meetings in a quiet atmosphere over a delicious coffee.