25th & 26th June 2025 in Hamburg

Khalid Bouzardaoui

Khalid Bouzardaoui

Khalid Bouzardaoui

Integrity Next

Khalid Bouzardaoui, holding a degree in Business Administration, has been shaping the team at IntegrityNext as a Key Account Manager since early 2020.

His career is marked by a rich professional history at renowned companies such as Microsoft, LIDL, and DHL. There, he has particularly distinguished himself in the areas of sales and sales management, especially in the dynamic field of information technology.

He operates internationally and possesses both professional and IT-specific skills and knowledge, particularly in the context of ESG topics, IT implementation, and integration projects.

At IntegrityNext, he has already supported numerous companies in meeting both regulatory and non-regulatory ESG requirements. The IntegrityNext platform was positioned as a software-supported solution in these companies and continues to be successfully used today.

Represented in the following tracks at the Procurement Summit:

  • 2024 ZUGSPITZE MASTERCLASSES: CSDDD, CSRD, CBAM & Co: effectively managing sustainability and compliance in the supply chain

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