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Edith Pels-Blufpand

Edith Pels-Blufpand

Edith Pels-Blufpand


My name is Edith Pels-Blufpand,

I am an ambassador for WTP Buynamics and represent them on the German-speaking market. As a Senior Management Consultant and experienced Executive, bringing more than 20 years of international experience in global strategic purchasing, sourcing, product development and marketing in the field of Retail, Wholesale & Production of non-food FMCG; e.g. at OBI, Keter and Intergamma.

After studying commercial economics and logistics and started as a purchaser in DIY myself at Maxeda in the Netherlands in 1999, I have been working in a variety of positions and for a variety of companies, have had my own import company in garden furniture and since 2016, I fulfil senior management roles within Purchasing or the related Category Management.

I've lead teams of buyers, product managers and category managers who I challenged with purchasing targets and supported them to realize these targets. Products & People are my passion, and with that buyers as well as suppliers are my passion to. The “game” of negotiating, and coaching my team with theses skill,  is like a hobby for me.

On this "journey" I encountered What The Price (WTP) from Buynamics, immediately convinced this tool would make the life of my buyers easier. The happier I am now, that I may represent WTP here, initially as a user and now as an ambassador, on the Procurement Summit.

Represented in the following tracks at the next Procurement Summit:

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