25th & 26th June 2025 in Hamburg

Daniel Petz

Daniel Petz

Daniel Petz

ADA Möbelfabrik

In his role as Head of Procurement, Daniel Johannes Petz is responsible for the purchasing agendas of ADA Möbelwerke AG and its subsidiaries in Austria, Hungary and Romania.

In addition to their classic role as "Buyers", the Procurement department also sees itself as an interface manager, advises the company management and acts as an innovator and sub-project manager.

The purchasing team acts TCO-oriented and thus makes a significant contribution to making the entire flow of goods in the company more sustainable and efficient. Optimisation, structuring and reorganisation play an essential role in the transformation and digitalisation of the decentralised purchasing teams, which were originally led by managing directors.

The furniture industry is characterized by high price pressure, batch size "1" and rapidly changing trends. The recipe for success is to dynamically adapt the necessary purchasing strategies without losing sight of the big picture and the constantly growing documentation and compliance requirements.

Represented in the following tracks at the Procurement Summit:

  • 2024 MAIN STAGE: Equal Leading in Procurement

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