12th & 13th June 2024 in Hamburg

Speaker: Martin Koch

Martin Koch

Martin Koch


You might think, "transformation leadership" meets "procurement from Roman times" - and in the middle of it all you find Martin. A buyer from the ground up, he now stands out for his innovative thinking and straightforwardness in implementing transformations. Martin studied industrial engineering, electrical engineering and digital leadership. Throughout his career, he has gained deep insights from a procurement perspective in a variety of industries including automotive, consumer products, scientific instruments, utilities, and construction. Today, he leads overarching transformation projects and puts the intended impact in the focus of decision making. At Implenia, he considers himself very lucky to be part of a team that will drive the transformation of the construction industry in Europe. He is "hands-on", brings structure to complex problems and believes in the power of collective engagement and shared data. Martin has simplified his world: family - career - sports. As a passionate triathlete, he believes that failure is part of everyone's personal success story.

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