12th & 13th June 2024 in Hamburg

Speaker: Dr. Axel Schloßbauer

Dr. Axel Schloßbauer

Dr. Axel Schloßbauer


Dr. Axel Schloßbauer, born 15.12.1981 Studied chemistry in Munich and received my doctorate, then taught and did research in the USA (University of California, Santa Barbara). Afterwards I made the step into the industry 12 years ago, worked as a project manager for several industrial companies, to take over the responsibility for the product portfolio at DR.SCHNELL in 2016. A particular interest of mine is the topic of resource conservation in chemical products along the entire value chain. At DR.SCHNELL, this is primarily the implementation of a consistent recyclate strategy, local raw material sourcing and the precise balancing of environmental parameters for each step of the product creation process.

Represented in the following tracks at the Procurement Summit:

  • 2023 MAIN STAGE: Sustainability in procurement

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