23rd and 24th September 2020 in Hamburg
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Speaker: Daniel Diers

Daniel Diers

Daniel Diers


Daniel Diers heads the procurement for standard materials in corporate procurement at innogy SE. These are mainly understood as C-materials, which is why automation and digitization are strongly promoted. He is also a member of the cross-functional Digital Procurement Hub. New agile, innovative and digital topics for procurement are searched for, tested and introduced.

Daniel Diers first studied mechanical engineering and then completed a business degree with the MBA. After completing his dual studies and about four years with a leading automotive supplier, he joined RWE (now innogy SE) and has been working in various roles in purchasing for 13 years. Meanwhile, the >610,000 order items p.a. are almost 97% automated and digitally handled in the standard materials area without the need for manual intervention by the purchaser. And the way is not over yet...

Represented in the following tracks at the Procurement Summit:

  • 2018 MAIN STAGE: Digitalisation in procurement

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