21st & 22nd June 2023 in Hamburg
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Speaker: Dr. Franziska Seewald

Dr. Franziska Seewald

Dr. Franziska Seewald


During her childhood Franziska Seewald envisioned a professional career as a beach rescue guard, psychologist or journalist. In the real world she wrote her PhD thesis on natural disaster movies and later went on to work for Boston Consulting, Coca Cola and BASF among others. In 2017 she took over the responsibility for globally procuring Management Consulting services and the Corporate Audit Mandate at Siemens AG. She is an expert for difficult negotiations, complex contracts (especially in the BPO arena) and fee models in the consulting market. When away from her desk she enjoys travelling rough corners of the world such as Lebanon, Iraq, North Korea or Pakistan. Because if you can make it out of there you can make it anywhere. She likes Matcha, Mourinho and is proud to never have studied economics.

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