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Stefan Franke

Stefan Franke

Stefan Franke


In my current role as Head of Procurement Excellence at ALTANA Group, I lead the global strategic development and implementation of process and digitalization initiatives in Corporate Procurement. My focus is on leveraging digital technologies to achieve sustainable improvements in procurement processes across our global sites. These efforts are a key component of ALTANA Group's Procurement Transformation, which aims at comprehensive digital transformation.

A major milestone in my work was the launch of EMPOWER, an AI-supported platform that has revolutionized the way we consolidate and analyze procurement activities. This platform is one cornerstone of our vision for a digitally transformed procurement, based on the pillars of culture, technology, and agility. Through EMPOWER, we have achieved a holistic and fully transparent view of our procurement data, significantly enhancing decision-making and performance improvement. This strengthens our ability to respond quickly to new requirements and ensure agile procurement management.

The integration and deepening of sustainability activities in our procurement processes are further enhanced by new processes and the platform, enabling us to meet the increasing demands for corporate sustainability. By creating an Open-Data-Culture and continuously improving our data quality, we ensure that all procurement decisions are made on the best possible information basis.

Prior to my current position, I was the Head of Data Lab at tesa SE, where I drove the company-wide digital transformation. The focus there was on generating value through AI and Data Science to effectively manage and understand the complexity of the diverse product portfolio.

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