21st and 22nd June 2023 in Hamburg

Speaker: Shaleen Heinzl

Shaleen Heinzl

Shaleen Heinzl

Delivery Hero

As a strategic partner of the HR department, Shaleen is the go-to person for all HR related topics in her role as Category Manager. She oversees sourcing projects from planning, implementation till execution, always with the global need of all related parties in mind. She is also responsible for advancing cross-functional projects on a global level. This includes the preparation and implementation of global category councils as well as the establishment of a category manager toolbox, which helps to establish a global procurement standard. She draws on her previous experience at Zalando and insights from the old economy at Daimler AG.

Represented in the following tracks at the Procurement Summit:

  • 2020 MAIN STAGE DAY 1: Global Procurement Transformation in the New Economy

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