12th & 13th June 2024 in Hamburg

Speaker: Yurda Burghardt

Yurda Burghardt

Yurda Burghardt

Negotiation Advisory Group

The business economist has been involved in purchasing for 20 years. As a senior partner at the leading consultancy for purchasing and supply chain management, Yurda got to know purchasing organisations in various industries. Most recently, as Managing Director, she built up the specialised HR consultancy and filled executive and key positions in the field of purchasing and SCM. The current challenges are giving purchasing a more exposed position in the company. In addition to solid structures and processes, PEOPLE with the right mindset and competencies are needed to master this opportunity.

Represented in the following tracks at the Procurement Summit:

  • 2023 ZUGSPITZE MASTERCLASSES: Between dependency and cost pressure: Efficient strategies for negotiating with tech giants using Microsoft as an example

  • 2022 MASTERCLASSES: How much negotiation competence and culture does a professional purchasing organisation need? How is it measured and how can performance be optimised?

  • 2021 MASTERCLASSES: Negotiation Mindset – The most powerful tool of a negotiator

  • 2020 MAIN STAGE: Procurement 2025: How Will the Job Profiles Change?

  • 2020 ONLINE:

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