21st & 22nd June 2023 in Hamburg


EXTRACTION SYSTEM & CAPULUS Medical Services ABSAUGWERK stands for high-quality extraction solutions for the manufacturing industry to protect people, machines and the environment. absaugwerk.de

With our VITAPOINT air filter purifier series, we have also developed premium plug-in devices that filter up to 99.995% of viruses, bacteria and pollutants from the air. In contrast to conventional devices, the VITAPOINT filters rooms from 20 to 300 m², with a low noise level and can be supplied in different performance sizes and individual designs. xtraction-vitapoint.de

CAPULUS Medical Services specializes in holistic hygiene concepts, in the import and export as well as the in-house production of CE / FDA-certified medical accessories such as FFP2 respirators, hand sanitizers and surface disinfectants virucidal PLUS, premium nitrile gloves, protective clothing, antigen rapid tests as well as the conception and operation of Corona test centers. capulus-medical.de

Together we will equip the event with the following corona protective measures:
- Corona rapid test center
- Hand sanitizer and surface disinfectant virucidal PLUS
- Medical FFP2 respirators
- Air purifier VITAPOINT

You can find more information about industrial extraction systems under the link absaugwerk.de provided.