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Review of the Procurement Summit 2020

We are delighted that we were able to hold this event with a total of 450 visitors, including you. The year 2020 has been a great challenge for all of us which made a face-to-face event with physical contact unthinkable. We dared to take on this experiment and pulled out all the stops in order to finally be able to carry out a live event once again. Many thanks for making this possible through your support. Here you can find the presentations and images from both days of the event.

Presentations from Procurement Summit 2020

Global Procurement Transformation in the New Economy

Speaker: Shaleen Heinzl (Delivery Hero), Marian Stewowitsch (Delivery Hero)
PDF Download (Global Procurement Transformation in der New Economy - 10.6 MB)

CPO Panel

Speaker: Berit Inga Stranz (Grover), Michael Reimes (MICROSENS), Alexander Grashoff (Stölting), Stephan Schmitz (Sihl Group)

Digitalization in Procurement

Speaker: Michael Rutkowski (Picanova), Suthan Logarajah (Klöckner Shared Services), Peter Köhne (Viessmann)

Procurement Summit Startup Awards

Speaker: Andreas Zimmermann (Mysupply), Merlin Thabe (inorder.de), Stephan Collisi (poolynk), Carsten Hochschon (knooing), Gregory N. Vider (apadua), Friedrich Kern (Prospeum), Philipp Maier (White Label Advisory), Lukas Wawrla (Archlet), Yacine Benyaa (Legartis), Christoph Bernkopf (Alpas)
PDF Download (Procurement Summit Startup Awards mysupply - 3.2 MB)
PDF Download (Procurement Summit Startup Awards inorder de - 1.8 MB)
PDF Download (Procurement Summit Startup Awards poolynk - 5.5 MB)
PDF Download (Procurement Summit Startup Awards knooing - 1.0 MB)
PDF Download (Procurement Summit Startup Awards apadua - 1.5 MB)
PDF Download (Procurement Summit Startup Awards Prospeum - 2.1 MB)
PDF Download (Procurement Summit Startup Awards WHITE LABEL ADVISORY - 3.3 MB)
PDF Download (Procurement Summit Startup Awards Archlet - 0.5 MB)
PDF Download (Procurement Summit Startup Awards Legartis - 1.3 MB)
PDF Download (Procurement Summit Startup Awards Alpas - 2.1 MB)

Women in Business

Speaker: Charlotte Anabelle de Brabandt (Amazon), Hanna Drozak (Drozak Consulting), Peggy Gabriel (Vattenfall), Katharina Weber (Negotiation Advisory Group)

Procurement 2025: How Will the Job Profiles Change?

Speaker: Yurda Burghardt (Negotiation Advisory Group), Tim Bauer (KRH Klinikum Region Hannover), Markus Schulten (Provinzial)

Entrepreneur’s Panel

Speaker: Michél-Philipp Maruhn (ROOBEO), Peter F. Schmid (Visable (wlw)), Boris Bend (IP Innovation Partners)

It’s Time for New Paths: The Future of Negotiations.

Speaker: René Schumann (Negotiation Advisory Group)
PDF Download (Es ist Zeit neue Wege zu gehen die Verhandlungsfuehrung der Zukunft - 1.4 MB)

Digital Energy Procurement of Electricity and Gas & Efficient Cloud-Based Energy Data Management

Speaker: Wilfried Rademaker (enPORTAL)
PDF Download (Digitale Energiebeschaffung von Strom und Gas effizientes - 2.1 MB)

Digital Procurement – learning from pioneers

Speaker: Markus Vodesek (DCCS)
PDF Download (Digital Procurement von Vorreitern lernen - 1.4 MB)

Value Added Procurement Transformation

Speaker: Dr. Stefan Benett (Inverto)
PDF Download (Werte schaffen durch Transformation Den Einkauf zukunftsfaehig machen - 2.1 MB)

Digitization of procurement processes at Flottweg SE, an engineering and manufacturing company. Speaker: Nikolaus Kretz (curecomp Software Services)
PDF Download (Digitalisierung von Beschaffungsprozessen im Spezialanlagenbau am Beispiel - 1.0 MB)

How to accelerate your Business Growth through controlled Outsourcing

Speaker: Robin Martens (dFACTORY)

Marketing-Procurement 2020: What You as a Buyer in Marketing Need to Know Today

Speaker: Erik Siekmann (DIGITAL FORWARD)
PDF Download (Marketing Einkauf 2020 Was Sie als Einkaeufer im Marketingbereich heute - 1.8 MB)

Technology and Service Providers’ Panel

Speaker: Marian Beyer (Proactis), Jan-Hendrik Sohn (Ivalua), Stefan Roggatz (SynerTrade), Sibylle Hauser (SAP)

Solution Forum: Equal Opportunities for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses! Process Optimization and Document Automation of Business Documents

Speaker: Hannes Hemetsberger (DIG)
PDF Download (Solution Forum Chancengleichheit fuer den Mittelstand Prozessoptimierung - 2.7 MB)

Procurement 360° at SEW-EURODRIVE: Digital supplier scouting

Speaker: Christoph Kaiser (scoutbee)
PDF Download (Procurement 360 bei SEW EURODRIVE Digitales Lieferantenscouting - 3.6 MB)

Digital Transformation of Procurement Analytics: Are You Ready for the Next Generation?

Speaker: Marc Matthesius (Baker Hughes)

Blockchain: Automation of Purchasing and Logistics Processes

Speaker: Dr. Ulrich Franke (Cassini Consulting)
PDF Download (Blockchain Automatisierung von Einkaufs und Logistikprozessen - 2.6 MB)

The Ugly Truth about Digital

Speaker: Gundula Ullah (FUNKE Mediengruppe), Moritz Vogt (FUNKE Mediengruppe)
PDF Download (The Ugly Truth about Digital - 3.0 MB)

Key to effective transformation

Speaker: Michael Stietz (Körber)

Technology in Procurement

Speaker: Michael Stietz (Körber), Marc Westphalen (Beiersdorf), Claus Müller (prego services)

Female Procurement Leader´s Panel

Speaker: Izabela Pahl (AWUKO ABRASIVES Wandmacher), Dominique Kleber (Heinrich Nabholz Autoreifen), Helena Stahlberg (WEICON)


Speaker: Stephan Chassaing de Bourdeille (oopus)

A CFO's view on procurement

Speaker: Rainer Veith (Salzgitter Maschinenbau)

How Do We Make Procurement Cool?

Speaker: Stefan Krojer (Zukunft Krankenhaus-Einkauf), Nina Bomberg (SEG Automotive Germany), Stephan Chassaing de Bourdeille (oopus)

How purchasing can change the world - ecological and social levers of sustainable procurement

Speaker: Yvonne Jamal (JARO Institut für Nachhaltigkeit und Digitalisierung)
PDF Download (Wie der Einkauf die Welt veraendern kann oekologische und soziale Hebel - 4.2 MB)

People & Skills in Procurement

Speaker: Peter Hagenow (KWS Gruppe), Vlatka Sunjka (HHLA Hamburger Hafen und Logistik), Gao Kwintmeyer (Ottobock), Andreas Wolf (Tele Columbus)

Procurement Summit Award Ceremony 2020


Contract management in times of home office: contracts under control, digitally and mobile

Speaker: Stefan Heins (Circle Unlimited)
PDF Download (Vertragsmanagement in Zeiten von Homeoffice digital und mobil alle Vertraege - 1.6 MB)

Ivalua Masterclass

Speaker: Jan-Hendrik Sohn (Ivalua)
PDF Download (Start smart scale fast Oder wie Sie richtig digitalisieren - 3.0 MB)

Digital procurement of specialist information: innovation driver or obstacle course?

Speaker: Philipp Woermann (ims Internationaler Medien Service)

Purchasing of logistics services - efficient tender management

Speaker: Guido Händeler (HDS International Group)

Effective risk management in times of complex ownership structures

Speaker: Stefan Lardong (Bureau van Dijk)

Real-Time Procurement Cloud @S/4HANA

Speaker: Christoph Moll (BeNeering)
PDF Download (Real Time Procurement Cloud S 4HANA - 0.7 MB)

How COVID-19 strengthened the role of Procurement: a glimpse on supply security and cost optimization

Speaker: Jonas Harm (h&z Unternehmensberatung)
PDF Download (Wie COVID 19 die Rolle des Einkaufs gestaerkt hat ein Blick auf - 6.0 MB)

CO2 emissions in the supply chain - how to solve complexity through digitalization

Speaker: Nadine Michalske (Klima.Metrix)
PDF Download (CO2 Emissionen in der Lieferkette wie man Komplexitaet durch - 2.5 MB)

Gaining Efficiencies and Transparency in Third Party Supply Chains

Speaker: Eckard Bicker (ebsca)
PDF Download (Gaining Efficiencies and Transparency in Third Party Supply Chains - 2.4 MB)

Live-Demo Session

Speaker: Alexander Karidas (Visable), Thomas Falk (C2FO), Andreas Zimmermann (Mysupply), Gregory N. Vider (apadua), Lukas Wawrla (Archlet), Merlin Thabe (inorder.de), Stephan Collisi (poolynk), Benjamin Eichinger (scoutbee)

Procurement Engineering

Speaker: Dr. Sebastian Waengler (Siemens Energy)
PDF Download (Procurement Engineering - 0.9 MB)

Photos from Procurement Summit 2020